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The SKS "Zippy" Wallet is a stylish, functional cash envelope wallet made of high-quality vegan leather. The sleek design gives a versatile look featuring the all-around zipper with gold hardware.


The wallet includes:

  • 18 card slots
  • 2 large gusseted pockets for bills, papers, passports etc.
  • 2 flat pockets for papers, bills etc
  • 1 zipper compartment
  • vegan leather interior and exterior
  • gold hardware
  • Gold embossed logo


This Zippy has semi-permanent* personal size binder rings in the center of the wallet fold. 

This wallet comes in various colors and material combinations.

Measurements:  (8.25  x 4.5  x  1.3 in)

                             (length x height x width)


*The rings can be manually unscrewed to be removed from the wallet. Please see the pictures above showing the wallet with rings detached. The screws are left in the wallet to cover the holes that would be left behind. Only the pictures are shown with a different color wallet for demonstration purposes.


Labeled Envelopes can be added at a discounted price. Choose the envelope set you would like for an additional fee.





The envelope size is 7.15 x 3.75 inches.

Zippy Wallet - Orange/Pink

  • Maintenance and cleaning of vegan leather
    1. Maintenance: vegan leather is not suitable for frequent cleaning. If it is cleaned for many times, it will easily cause peeling. Daily cleaning and handling only need to be cleaned with a wet rag.
    2. Cleaning: If cleaning is needed, it is recommended to wash it once a year at most, and the water temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees. Try to choose hand washing to reduce the damage to the cortex.
    3. Cleaning precautions: Do not use a hard brush to scrub stains that are difficult to remove, otherwise the leather surface will be easily damaged. Wash with laundry detergent when cleaning, do not add its irritating washing products.
    4. Drying: after cleaning, it is recommended to directly dry the vegan leather items in the shade, and do not expose them to the sun to avoid fading and peeling.
    5. Storage: before storage, clean the surface first. If it is a bag, it is recommended to fill it with shredded paper balls and other things inside to avoid being squeezed and deformed by other things after storage, and try to store it in a well-ventilated cabinet.

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