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Cash Stuffing is the process of saving cash into envelope categories assigned by your budget. The money you allocate to these categories is based on your lifestyle and can include, i.e., gas, food, clothes, nails, etc. 

When you receive your income, you would first decide which fixed expenses you will pay from that pay period. Some choose to put their fixed payments into
envelopes as well. After your costs are determined, the money you have left, you allot amounts for your variable spending (needs for that period) like food, gas, etc. These categories can be for both short and long-term savings goals. If you know you want to spend $1000 for the next vacation and there are 26 pays per year, you would stuff $39 per pay into your envelopes.

Cash Stuffing is unique to each individual. There is no one size fits all approach to budgeting. Using cash will stop you from overspending and swiping your debit or credit cards spontaneously.

Cash Stuffing

Planner Prep Service

  • Full service planner preparation to bring your vision to fruition.

  • To start you will decide which package is right for you. If you are uncertain we will schedule a one-on-one to get a sense of your planner needs.

  • You will also have the option of choosing a Pre-Planned A5 Planner with the essentials to get you going with an additional option to add more if desired.

  • Our Planner Prep services will allow clients to be able to send in their own A5, Half Letter or HP Classic size planner to have it prepped with Chaotic Cuteness.

planner prep service

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