SKS Payday Budget Book (PBB) was designed with you in mind. The PBB was designed in a more simplistic accommodating way. The digital book PDF file includes the following sheets:


  • Monthly Calendar Overview
  • Monthly Bill Tracker
  • Payday Budget Worksheet
  • Payday Envelope Worksheet
  • Payday Sinking Fund Worksheet
  • Monthly Income Sheet
  • Monthly Expenses Sheet
  • Month-End Envelope Sheet
  • Month-End Sinking Sheet
  • Monthly Debt Payment Worksheet
  • Credit Card Tracker
  • Weekly Accountants Balance Sheet
  • Weekly/Monthly Cash Flow
  • Automatical Bill Payments Sheet
  • Yearly Category Breakdown Sheet
  • Sinking Goals Sheet
  • Savings Goals Sheet
  • Debt Snowball Worksheet
  • Debt Avalanche Worksheet
  • 52 Week Savings Plan $10, $25, $50, and $100 sheets
  • Inactive/Dormant Activity Log
  • Holiday/Event Gift Budget
  • Charitable Donations Worksheet
  • Account Numbers & Logins Sheet


This book provides both a simplistic and more in-depth approach to managing your finances. Budgeting is a unique and personal journey to managing your finances. 



SKS - Payday Budget Book

  • The PDF file is 86mb. Paper size format  is 8.5x11 inch